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NFP Federated Models - Part 1

May 24, 2023 Justin Hogg Season 2 Episode 23
Not-for-Profit on Purpose
NFP Federated Models - Part 1
Show Notes

As an NFP with a federated model structure, there are a couple of things to be aware of to ensure success and maintain a meaningful impact.  What are federated models and how are they efficient? 

While federated models can be a joy for some and frustrating for others, it is important to effectively maintain structure to ensure success. If there is frustration or a lack of clarity, there needs to be a process to resolve it efficiently and effectively, so everyone is working together as a collective.

We should take our time investigating structures such as federated models and seek a process to adapt and change, as necessary. With clarity federated models can be a joy to work with in the NFP space.

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